A Packet Of Happiness

It’s all about your perception !

Everyone knows how to smile. It’s not me nor even baba sitting inside your t.v. and asking for money, who will tell you how to seek happiness. I am not saying that we are lying to you. You know one of my friend says that if there is 15% truth in his sentence then he is not lying.  Baba or I can only tell you things which make us happy and might also help you to stay happy. Believe me, it’s not a thing or theory to explain. Happiness is a feeling, you can only feel it.
Let me tell you a story. Once king Akbar was sad, without any specific reason! Every nav rattan of his kingdom tried their best to bring the smile on his face but all their efforts went in vain. As  always “Akbar k Birbal” came as a saviour. He asked the king to go on a walk with him. He took the king to a nearby garden where small poor kids were playing. The kids were making toys from sand. King forgot everything and started playing with them. He smiled, giggled and laughed a lot that day. After coming back to the kingdom, everyone could see a smile on kings face. He was satisfied at that time. He was happy at that time 🙂
Friends I am happy when my family and friends are happy, I am happy when I see an old couple helping each other, I am happy when I see a new couple happy, I am happy when I am in nature, I am happy when I give my 100% to a job and people are satisfied with my job, I am happy when I see someone’s pain gone, I am happy when I see a meaningful awesome movie, Friends I cried of happiness when I encountered one of happiest moments of my crush’s life.
Friend, it’s only you who can find what makes you happy. I know there is lots of trouble in your life and you might not even have time for think about happiness but please just try once because “Rone ki vjh kam h, Hasne k bahane zadaa !!” Just get out of your closed box life and start exploring. Things may be bad may be good or some might not mean anything to you but just FEEL it. You should not waste your time and in end stand there like a dumb. You have to be answerable to yourself. People just…. LIVE! I have mine… go and find your PACKET OF HAPPINESS 🙂


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