Simple Motivation

“You have received least mark in your class!” echoed in her mind continuously on the way back to the hostel. For two days, she could hear his voice with the same pace and intensity. His voice haunted her. She issued a book from the library and tried to study. The result was same. She could not perform well. In the quiz, he asked her, “Have you even studied for this paper?” She said nothing. She hated his voice, she hated the way he mocked her, she hated him, but she never gave up on herself. Usually, she loses all hope and stops studying instead. But this time she hasn’t! She studied a lot but then too result was no good. In next semester, he was teaching her 2 courses. She studied for both. She liked one but don’t know why she never got appreciable marks. Then one day, she went to college to see marks of quiz of a subject in which she was less interested. Seeing her come in he said, “XXXXX YYYYY has performed well in this exam.” Those words!!!! It was one of the best moment if her life. She didn’t even know how to react so was blushing instead. She never felt so much motivated in her life. She could clearly listen to all three sentences of him at the same time and yet was happy!

You know sometimes in life just one simple sentence can motivate you so much that even a lecture can’t. The person who haunts you the most can be the best source of motivation. You just have to look differently.

Remember one thing, “You have to fight through bad days to earn good ones!”



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